Interface 2012
Call for Participation

Sessions will include invited, refereed, and contributed paper sessions. Individuals who wish to participate in a contributed session should register and submit an abstract by April 16, 2012. Full instructions and an electronic abstract submission form are available here.

The Interface 2012 proceedings will be electronically published. Former page restrictions have been raised, and color illustrations, animations, data, and software source code will be allowed. Manuscript preparation instructions may be found here.

In addition to invited and contributed sessions, Interface 2012 will include sessions of refereed papers. Participants may want to submit a paper to be refereed. Papers accepted as refereed papers will be collected into refereed sessions and the papers will be noted as having been refereed in the proceedings. Papers not accepted as refereed papers, may still be presented as ordinary contributed papers. Individuals who wish to have their paper refereed must submit their paper by April 16, 2012. Take me back to the main conference page.

Last Update January 26, 2012