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The Jet Propulsion Laboratory, George Mason University and the Interface Foundation of North America invite you to participate in Interface 2006! This page provides the latest information about the Symposium, its objectives, organization, and logistics. Click on [News] or scroll down for the latest developments over the next nine months as the meeting approaches.

In 2006 we are focusing on modern problems related to data and information overload, and what we as professional data analysts can contribute to their solution. Broadly speaking, the program is organized around two complementary notions: (1) analysis of new data types brought to us by new technological capabilities, and (2) new methods and approaches enabled by modern technology. While these are both interesting in their own right, perhaps the most interesting problem of all is how to bridge the gap between them. In other words, new data types demand new techniques, and new technology enables new techniques, but are we really using the latter in service of the former? Discipline scientists are often at the frontier of work with new data types, and we encourage them share their problems and solutions with us whether or not those solutions appeal to traditional statistical or data mining methods. We are very pleased to have Usama Fayyad as our Keynote Speaker- a person who has played a pivotal role in the development of data mining since its infancy.


10/10/2005: Registration is now open. Click here!

10/5/2005: Abstract submission is now open. Click here!

9/28/2005: Westin Pasadena online hotel reservations now available. Click here!

8/30/2005: "Special Focus" sessions replace "Theme Contributed". Reason: to emphasize the importance of grass roots organization of sessions, and promote exposure of lesser known individuals and areas of research.

8/17/2005: Usama Fayyad accepts invitation to deliver Keynote Address.

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