Call for Participation

The theme of Interface 2006 is Massive Data Sets and Streams. We invite papers and presentations from all areas of statistics, computer science and application areas relevant to modern data analysis. In this age of information overload, data analysis almost always requires analysts to cope with large data volumes. Thus, submissions need not be limited to massive applications, but can include small-scale applications and case studies with an eye toward larger problems. We are especially interested in hearing from discipline scientists and practioners who can pose research challenges and describe discipline-driven solutions.

In addition to the invited program, there are three other categories of submissions to Interface 2006: special focus, refereed, and contributed.

Special Focus submissions allow anyone to become a session organizer by collecting a set of submissions from colleagues or others working in similar areas and submitting them as a set. The Program Chairs will do their best to keep these presentations together when organizing the contributed program. Our intent is that Special Focus sessions will complement the invited program in the following way. The Program Committee is selected on the basis of their knowledge of current developments in their fields of expertise, and our desire to be sure certain fields are represented. However, we recognize that much interesting work is done by people not necessarily known to the Program Committee. Special Focus sessions give these participants exposure, encourage organizational participation, and help keep Interface a leading conference for presentation of cutting edge research. The deadline for Special Focus submissions is February 1, 2006.

Refereed papers offer young investigators the opportunity to develop their research records with a relatively rapid review process. Refereed contributions are to be full, conference-style papers submitted by January 1, 2006. They will be reviewed by members of the Program Committee or others appointed by the Program Chairs. Refereed papers which are accepted as such will be collected into special sessions, and speakers will be given a full 30 minuites to present their results- the same as invited speakers. Papers submitted as refereed, but not accepted as such will still be part of the contributed program.

Contributed submissions are strongly encouraged from everyone. The Program Chairs will organize these submissions into topic area sessions which may be related to application areas or techniques or problems. It is not necessary to submit full conference papers to either regular or Special Focus sessions. Presentation material and abstracts will be published along with full papers in the Interface proceedings volume, Computing Science and Statistics. The deadline for regular contributed submissions is February 1, 2006.