Abstract Submission

Interface 2006 abstract submission is now open!

To submit, send email to Amy.Braverman@jpl.nasa.gov. Please follow these instructions:

  1. Put "Interface abstract submission" in the subject line.
  2. Put the name of the first author on the first line of email body. Put the first author's affiliation in parentheses following the name.
  3. Put the names and affiliations of additional authors (one per line) on additional lines, as many as needed.
  4. Put the email address of the corresponding author on the next line.
  5. Skip a line.
  6. Type your abstract below. Please try to use plain text as much as possible. You may include LaTeX formatting characters if necessary.
  7. Skip a line.
  8. Type: "This is a _____ submission", where _____ is one of "refereed", "special focus" or "contributed". If the submission is "special focus", please add one more line to your email containing the name of the session organizer and their email address. If the submission is "refereed", please send your full paper as an attachment to the email and follow the instructions above for the abstract even if it also appears in your paper. Papers should be submitted in PDF format.
If you do not receive a confirmation within 7 days, please email Amy to reminder her (or simply to inquire).

Please heed the submission deadlines:

Refereed: January 1, 2006
Special Focus: February 1, 2006
Contributed: February 1, 2006