Interface 2003

Integrated Climate Database
Dan Dansereau, (Utah State University),, and
Robert R. Gillies, (Utah State University),


Agencies (e.g., The Bureau of Land Management) currently have to access climate data from many different web sources. This presents a number of problems: apart from the search being a time consuming process, data is often incomplete, difficult to query and reference, and generally not in a format for straightforward ingestion into spreadsheets or a GIS framework. Moreover, existing websites are often not tailored for the varying needs of multiple users. An initiative at Utah State University has been to build a “one stop” warehouse integrated climate database (ICB) that is web accessible. This database is federated in the sense that it takes advantage of existing data-feeds to collect near real-time data in addition to the existing historical information. The data is accessible via a GIS interface that allows for querying by user definable maps. Products (e.g., reports and graphs), either as pre-formatted or user designable, are available via the web xml interface. User requested data for download can be packaged in numerous formats, e.g., spreadsheet, GIS or simple CSV formatting. In summary, the ICB is web accessible, has user-friendly navigation and data output, high quality graphs, reports and graphs, ingests data from many sources and is available in one location. It is our intention to demonstrate this functionality in the session.

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