Interface 2003

Statistical Issues in the Design of Microarray Experiments
Jean Yee Hwa Yang, (UCSF ),, and
Terry Speed, (UC Berkeley),


Microarray experiments performed in many areas of biological sciences generate large and complex multivariate datasets. This talk addresses statistical design and analysis issues, which are essential to improve the efficiency and reliability of cDNA microarray experiments. We discuss various considerations unique to the design of cDNA microarrays, and examine how different types of replication affect design decisions. We calculate variances of two classes of estimates of differential gene expression based on log ratios of fluorescence intensities from cDNA microarray experiments: direct estimates, using measurements from the same slide, and indirect estimates, using measurements from different slides. These variances are compared and numerical estimates are obtained from a small experiment. Some qualitative and quantitative conclusions are drawn which have potential relevance to the design of cDNA microarray experiments.

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