Interface 2003

Rapid Microbe Detection with Fluidized Bed Capture and Concentration
Bart Weimer, (Utah State University),, and
Marie Walsh, (Utah State University),


Rapid bacterial detection is a key issue in a various applications. Many methods are available that quickly detection organisms after an enrichment or growth step. Other technologies are available for use with small sample sizes. The Center for Microbe Detection and Physiology is focused on development of technologies to eliminate growth and are useful with larger samples. Various technologies that capture and concentrate organisms onto a solid surface have been developed using a fluidized bed format with high flow rates. One such target-specific technology, ImmunoFlow, uses antibodies to capture and detect target organisms. This format successfully eliminates growth, uses 50 ml to 5000 ml samples, and is done within 30 minutes. Other target non-specific technologies capture and concentration toxins and organisms via biomimetic schemes. When coupled with PCR detection these assays provide a two-step technique to provide a presumptive and confirmed result.

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