Interface 2003

Using Design-Based Adaptive Sampling Procedures in Site Decontamination
Myron J. Katzoff, (National Center for Health Statistics),,
Abera Wouhib, (National Center for Health Statistics),, and
Joe Fred Gonzalez, Jr., (National Center for Health Statistics),


In this paper, we consider the application of finite-population design-based sampling procedures in a spatial context to decontamination of a site where there is a significant public health risk of anthrax exposure. Through computer simulation, we study the properties of adaptive sampling procedures employed in the search of a bounded three-dimensional space that serves as a model of the site. For a finite set of designs, we compare the operational efficiency of procedures, as measured by percent of contamination eliminated, and examine the variation in detection probabilities with choices of selection-unit parameters, cloud-density and design complexity.

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