About Interface, the Interface Symposia
and Related Meetings

Interface is a membership society of computational scientists, statisticians, mathematicians and individuals from related discipline areas interested in the interface between computing science and statistics. Interests include topics such as computational statistics, statistical software, exploratory data analysis, data mining, pattern recognition, scientific visualization and related fields. Interface holds an annual meeting. Members of Interface enjoy reduced rates at the annual meeting, a subscription to the Interface published Computing Science and Statistics and reduced subscription rates to several journals; the Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics and Computational Statistics and Data Analysis. Information about joining Interface as well as upcoming and recent meetings is listed below.

Annual membership in Interface is $35. You may download the membership form and mail with your check or credit card information to

P.O. Box 7460
Fairfax Station, VA 22039-7460 USA.

The membership form is an Adobe pdf document and requires the Adobe Acrobat Reader which may be obtained free from Adobe.

Interface is always eager to engage young people and welcomes and encourages all members to become involved with Interface. Involvement by contributing papers and with program and session organization, with publication, and with management of Interface is particularly welcome. Volunteers may send email to Interface.

Upcoming and Recent Interface Symposia

Army Conference on Applied Statistics

The Interface Foundation of North America, Inc., in addition to being the sponsor of the Symposia on the Interface, has also taken responsibility for the Army Conference on Applied Statistics (ACAS). The details of recent and future programs of the Army Conference on Applied Statistics can be found at the ACAS Website

Computing Science and Statistics

Computing Science and Statistics is the annual publication of Interface and normally consists of the proceedings of the annual meeting. All papers presented at the Interface symposia are published in Computing Science and Statistics. Beginning with Volume 32 (Interface 2000), the proceedings will be published in the form of a CD-ROM. This will allow page limit restrictions to be substantially increased, and also will allow for color illustrations, animations, and software code to be included with papers published.

Basic Interface Documents